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Resolution Services

Enabling all parties to move forwards together in a "win-win" way


Dispute Resolution

When problems occur

MyMediation is Australia's only organisation providing the full suite of both non-lawyer-based resolution services and lawyer-based resolution services throughout our nation.

Areas of competence include (but are not limited to)

  • debt and creditors

  • commercial and contractual

  • intellectual property

  • human resources

  • ICT - from outsourcing contracts through to cybersecurity

  • residential and commercial landlords and tenants

  • workplace disputes and investigations

  • business partnerships

  • franchisers and franchisees

  • not-for-profits

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities

  • Fijian organisations and communities

  • Indian organisations and communities.

Our pool of practitioners across the nation enable us to bring to the table both the right experience and the right attitude.

Dispute Prevention

Preventing problems from occurring

We have the experience and skills necessary to consult with organisations, communities and people to put in place the right people, policies, procedures and processes to ideally prevent, and definitely minimise, disputes and conflicts.

Our professional services include (but are not limited to):

  • culture reviews

  • HR reviews

  • governance plans

  • advice and guidance regarding plans for all areas of potential conflict

  • Reconciliation Action Plans.

MyMediation brings to the table people across the nation with the appropriate skills, experiences and tools to add significant value to organisations and people with a "prevention is better than cure" philosophy.

Couple in Mediation
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