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About Us

The genesis of MyMediation goes back to 1996 when founder, Denis Stollery, formed one of Australia's first non-lawyer mediation services. Over the past 25+ years, the current MyMediation business model has been developed and continually improved, based on a deep understanding of client's needs and available services.

MyMediation is the first, and only, organisation in Australia taking a holistic approach to dispute resolution and prevention. We offer both traditional lawyer-based solutions and more contemporary non-lawyer-based solutions - giving our clients the choice of options not available elsewhere. And we have brought a very professional business leadership model that has been lacking in the industry.

Our leadership team includes people with global, national and local expertise at board, executive and practitioner level - all of whom also have a heart for people and "give back" and "pay forward" through various volunteering efforts.

Our progressive talent management model ensures that we are the "rising tide that lifts all boats" in this emerging $1b+ industry, as we leverage both employees and sole-practitioner experts to bring the best expertise to the table.

For our clients, this means the broadest offering of services and quality outcomes.

For sole practitioner experts, this means we secure work for them and ensure they receive excellent professional development in what is otherwise a fragmented industry.

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