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Welcome to MyMediation

We have been providing a Non Lawyer Mediation process which commenced in 1996 . Our  practitioners will Mediate your dispute in an environment which  encourages a resolution of the dispute, enabling the parties to move to a settlement with a "win-win" outcome.

About The MyMediation Resolution Services

MyMediation is the first, and only, organisation in Australia taking a holistic approach to dispute resolution and prevention. We offer both traditional lawyer-based solutions and more contemporary non-lawyer-based solutions - giving our clients the choice of options not available elsewhere. And we have brought a very professional business leadership model that has been lacking in the industry.

MyMediation is currently working with Mediation Trainers, so that we can announce the commencement of our Non Lawyer Mediation courses for companies, or students who would like to complete, and become a MyMediation practitioner.  

So please connect with the team and follow MyMediation on Linkedin to receive our updates  

MyMediation acknowledges the traditional custodians of regions across Australia where MyMediation works.  We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultural, spiritual, physical and emotional connection with their land. 

We honour and pay my respects to Elders, both past and present, and all generations, now and into the future.

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Feedback & Reviews

Three examples from different outcomes from non-lawyer dispute resolutions

About to lose their home with $280,000 in credit card debt...


We cannot provide the name of this client for reasons of privacy and confidentiality.

The client's spouse had a severe medical problem and sought to fund treatment with ever-increasing numbers of credit cards. Eventually this resulted in 18 credit cards totalling over $280,000 of debt.

The family was about to lose their home as creditors had obtained a legal judgement and bankruptcy proceedings had already commenced.


MyMediation was able to negotiate a process which provided the creditors with a repayment, which also included that the debt was reduced by  40% and an agreement was reached that allowed the debtor to pay off the balance with manageable scheduled payments.

Here is that person’s direct description of what happened:

“I was referred to MyMediation by a family friend. During our first appointment with Denis I was feeling devastated as we had spoken to so many professional people about our matter, but no-one could see a solution. 

When I informed MyMediation of my situation, they confirmed what I had been hoping very much to hear; that my family home would be protected.


They then went about solving my complex problem over an 8 month period.

Before I met MyMediation my life was stressful and complex.


Now I am enjoying life and family, without the constant financial worries. I have greatly appreciated everything MyMediation has done for my family and regard him as a friend for life.”

“My life before I met MyMediation was stressful and complex but now I am enjoying life and family, without the constant financial worries.”

Sometimes lawyers will refer clients to MyMediation because they understand the important skills MyMediation offers to resolve sometimes complex situations.


Here is a testimonial that was sent to MyMediation from a respected Adelaide lawyer:

"This letter is to thank you for your services in bringing the dispute between two referred parties] to a successful resolution. 

Your professionalism was greatly appreciated, as was your continued commitment to working towards the resolution of this matter beyond the scheduled mediation. 

The clients found you to be caring, knowledgeable, accommodating, impartial and skilled in the art of offering insight into the benefits of settlement.

Without your continued efforts, it is very likely this matter would not have settled amicably, resulting in costly litigation.

I would not hesitate to recommend you, based on your skills and your reasonable fees.

Thank you again for your efforts and dedication.

I look forward to referring more clients to your practice in the near future.

“…the clients found you to be caring, knowledgeable, accommodating, impartial and skilled.”

Senior global executive and board director impressed with MyMediation.

The executive wished to learn more about non-lawyer-based mediation after reading some research from the United States that showed the average cost of mediation was reduced by more than tenfold, timeframes reduced twelvefold and higher success rates.

His comments were:

"Now that I have seen MyMediation's work first-hand, I am convinced that the non-lawyer-based mediation process is a very legitimate alternative to having lawyers handle dispute resolution.

I commend MyMediation for bringing much greater profile to this alternative and for being a provider of both lawyer-based and non-lawyer-based mediation. I would recommend MyMediation to anyone."

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